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We , Ahmad Abdulwahed Trading Company (AATC) used to provide high quality photo products with  great versatility especially in the field of photographic and electronic imaging since it’s establishment. It is  representing highly reputed  international companies in this field and providing the Saudi market (either for specialists or general consumer) with the best and most advanced cameras that put it atop the other competitive companies in this field.. It is highly considering the best quality with competitive prices that meet the requirements of all level consumers.

 Our company distributing digital and conventional cameras under the reputed trademarks – such as Nikon, Hasselblad, Konica, Samsung and other companies in this field as well as the related accessories such as lenses, bags, flash devices, digital and normal films, tripods, batteries, and filters. It also supplies high quality scopes  from Germany, America and Japan such as Steiner, Nikon, Carton, Tasco and other international companies.

 With respect to photo processing laboratories, the company is very keen to provide the Saudi market with the modern, top quality and environment friendly product as we represents Konica Corporation, Japan  which is renowned in this field as well as related materials such as Konica Color Film, Paper and Chemicals. Also, we represent Ilford photographic goods which are famous for Black & White photography.

 Our company is considering as the main reference for photographers as it is highly concerned with equipping every studio to meet the requirements of all category photographers (amateurs and professionals). Such equipment includes illumination systems (flashes)  as our company represents Broncolor and Visa-Tech  (Switzerland ) products.

 We also supply all types of colored backgrounds from ConDoor  Photo (Italian company) besides ceiling systems and related accessories of photography.

 However, as our company is highly concerned to provide the Saudi market with all assisting and consumable products, it supplies all types of batteries in different sizes, either for cameras, electronic devices or watches, as it represent the world giant, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd., Japan in the field of batteries.

 The company also represents Sharp Corporation, Japan for Electronic Calculators (desk-top or pocket calculators) Scientific (for students) or normal calculators as well as Electronics Organizers for Business and  Managerial people.

 Nevertheless, the company also supplies famous consumer entertainment products as it represents international pioneer compay, Aiwa (Japan) for audio-video devices which include televisions of different sizes, videos, different type and models stereos, video & audi records, walkman, radio–cassette and CDs, normal Radio-cassette and Disc-man besides all other related  accessories such as (microphones, head-phones, car stereos and medium and small radios.

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