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Medium Camera:


Medium format camera for professional use with negative size 6 x 6 and our company represents the famous company in the world for manufacturing this type of camera (hasselblad) .


Based on view camera lens design, the permanently attached Biogon 38mm lens with 90( diagonal angle of view is a true wide angle type.


Film format.
6 x 6 cm and 6 x 4.5 cm with different magazines.

Film choices. 120 and 220 roll films, 70 mm perforated long rolls and Polaroid film.

Lens. Carl Zeiss Biogon CF 38 mm f/4.5 T* true wide-angle lens with 90i diagonal 72 (horizontal) angle of view and 60 mm front bayonet mount.

Viewfinder. Detachable optical viewfinder with built-in spirit level and built-in magnifier for reading lens scales through the viewfinder. A focusing screen adapter, which is attached to the camera in the same way as the film magazine, is available for checking picture composition and depth of field. The adapter is used together with a focusing or magnifying hood, or a prism viewfinder, with or without a meter.

Focusing. Focusing range of lens: 12 ins. (0.3 m) to infinity. Depth of field range: l0 feet (3 m) to infinity at f/4.5 and 26 ins. (0.65 m) to infinity at f/22.

Shutter. Leaf shutter in lens, 1-1/500 s and flash synchronisation at all shutter speeds.

Film advance. Simultaneous manual shutter cocking and film advance. Foldable winding crank.

Camera body. One-piece cast aluminium alloy shell with 1/4" socket and plate for tripod quick coupling attachment.

System compatibility. The 903SWC accepts all film magazines made for other Hasselblad models. The Biogon lens mount will accept 60 filters and Softars.

Dimensions. Camera body with lens and film magazine A12 5 3/4" long, 4 l/2" wide and 5 7/8" high (145 x 112 x l50 mm)

Weight. Camera body with lens and film magazine A12: 2 Ib 15 oz. (1325 g).

Camera finish. Available with chrome or black finished bodies. Supplied with optical viewfinder, carrying strap and front and rear protective covers.

The Hasselblad system for wide-angle photography also includes a 30 mm 'fish-eye" lens and a 40 mm wide-angle lens, as well as a Zeiss PC Mutar Shift Converter for perspective control.


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