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Disposal cameras (for one time use):


This type of cameras is used for using  only one film.  It contains either 27 shots or 36 shots.  Such cameras may be purchased with or without the flash.  It is suitable for taking shots of the non-frequent events and critical situations at a time while you are not carrying your own camera.  The company offers two brands of this type for Konica and Benetton.  

Film-In Flash


  • Just as compact as the standard Film-In, with electronic flash built in.
  • Sliding flash switch - turn it on and leave it on when shooting indoors or at night.


Film-In Panorama
  • Extra-wide angle 17mm lens to capture the whole scene in panorama photos with dramatic perspective.
  • Ideal for group photos as well as landscapes and travel shots.
  • Finder lens lets you see the scene in wide angle for precise framing.
  • Pre-loaded with either 12 or 27 exposure Konica Color Centuria 400 film.

Film-In Waterproof Flash

  • Clear plastic case keeps water out to a depth of 3 meters. Protected from sand, snow and dust, too. The right choice for all-weather outdoor snapshots.
  • Large sports finder for easy framing under water, and for aim-and-shoot action or sports photos.
  • Bright wrist-strap to keep it handy when you're on the go.
  • Pre-loaded with Konica Color Centuria 400 film.

Film-In Black & White
  • No special processing required - Any shop that handles color photos can take your film and deliver beautiful black & white images printed on color paper.
  • Fascinating special effects - When you order your prints, you can specify artistic effects like sepia, to give your pictures that special touch.
  • Get your prints on black & white paper - For true black & white prints, you can request black & white paper.
  • Pre-loaded with Konica Monochrome VX400 film.

Neo 800 Flash
  • Pre-loaded with Konica Color Centuria 800 film for fine grain, sharpness, natural color reproduction, and long term stability.
  • Built-in slide flash for easy activation.



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