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Ahmed Abdulwahed Trading Company


Ahmed Abdulwahed Trading Company was established in 1960 A.D. at the hands of the ambitious businessman Sheikh Ahmed Abdulwahed.  The company business activities were launched from the downheart of Riyadh City dealing in perfumes and cosmetics.  By the course of time, its scope of business activities were changed to photographing equipment and accessories, then the company’s head office was transferred to Jeddah to cope with the flourishing and significant trading movement witnessed by that major city at that time.  The company has gradually grown up until become very reputable and well-known one to comply with Saudi Arabia progressive march and to serve the national economy.


The keys for this successful story for this humble beginning is attributable to the insistence, patience, sincere will and careful planning for the company’s prospective business activities.  Ahmed Abdulwahed Trading Company is ranked now-a-days among the best successful firms in Saudi Arabia thanks to its lengthy experience in the field of marketing the electronics and photographic products.  Ahmed Abdulwahed Trading Company has been providing the Saudi market with the latest technologies and the most advanced technical know-how in this field.  The company’s services extend to cover a large spectrum of the photographic, electronics and digital systems on wholesale and retail basis and also serve the consumer through its regional offices and retailing showrooms kingdom-wide.


While being a representative for the best well-known suppliers who provide high quality and advanced products designed to satisfy the Saudi market, the company takes care in selecting the well-known suppliers of high quality products.  Ahmed Abdulwahed Trading Co. represents at the present time over 20 companies of the world-class market of photographic products and electronics as follows:


Nikon, Konica, Hasselblad, Sigma, National/Panasonic batteries and cameras, Sharp calculators, Hitachi shaving machines, San Marco, Brown Keller, Fizitic, Samsung, Elna, Sigma and Tamron lens, Primer, Cannon, Tasco, Benetton bags, Hakuba in addition to some distinguished companies in the field of photographic fertilizers.


These products are distributed through the following divisions:


·        Photographic products division.


·        Division, Photographic studios and development laboratories supplies.


·        Electronic and digital equipment division.


·        Batteries, calculators and shaving machines division.


·        Medical X-ray products and supplies division.

·        Retail showrooms management division.


For further information, please contact us at the following address:


Head Office:


Western Region, Jeddah

AlBaghdadia AlGharbia – Hail Street

Hail Trading Center, third floor


Tel:  642 5777

Fax: 644 6422


P.O. Box 3611, Jeddah


Electronic Mail : [email protected]



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